Production 2 Proposal

Kasey and I plan to make a short video focusing on the Joker and Caretaker archetypes. We plan to have scenes of the Joker side of someone misbehaving only to have the Caretaker come and attempt to make up for it. We also are considering what a mirror might do for us, in that we can use it to show that the person doing the bad thing is the same as the one making up for it. This piece could end up talking about how we act and how we feel not always being the same or straightforward. Or the short could be something reminiscent of the movie Split and show a person torn between two different personalities.

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Production II – Virtual Respite

For this project I focused on the “Noise and Silence” prompt in the Visual Trends.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.21.08 PM.png

Rhythm. I repeat (pick back up/return to) sections of my video again and again at faster paces to create a feeling of anxiety and concern.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.25.38 PM.png

Tone. In my shots there is this constant looming grey. Things feel unsaturated and dull.

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ADV MTL – Streetcar Composite


I modeled the inside of the streetcar and did the uv mapping for the inside and outside.

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Cider Creek Advertisement

Cran Mango Saison Ad Web.jpg

This is an Ad design that I did as a project for my Advanced Modeling Lighting and Texturing class. The scope of the project was to simulate a real world job experience, and for that we designed ads for the real-world company Cider Creek.

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Interactive Media – Golden Lion Tamarins – Animals Interactive

Working with a team of peers I helped to create an educational game for children. The game has players click a button that plays a narrated fact and an animation relating to it.

I worked on several aspects of the game and acted as the general and overall project manager throughout its creation. Close to the beginning of the project I suggested that we create our game differently than others that our class had made or was making. I suggested that we create all of the assets of the game as video files. This would make implementing everything easier for our assigned coder, and essentially simplified our game down to being 13 video clips, 4 buttons, and a looping background audio track.

I researched and wrote the facts, created their animations, and narrated them. Being in charge with finding/created the audio for the game, I found (royalty free) the background jungle track and button sound effects. I compiled all of the pieces for each animation into their necessary video files. This involved adjusting the timing and frames of the tamarin animations, editing and adjusting the narrations to match up with their facts, and rendering them into their 13 individual files. Due to time constraints I also was responsible for creating the file in Unity and worked with an outside coder to make the game fully functional.


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Spyro Lego Dimensions Figure and Packaging

Spyro_boop_cropped¬† ¬†This is a project that I made for my Advanced Lighting, Modeling, and Texturing class at Alfred State. I modeled a Lego-esc Spyro after the current Lego Dimensions figures and other Lego Minifigs. Using a physical Lego Dimensions figure I did my best to roughly mimic the sizes of the base and character’s height. I gave certain parts on Spyro curves and bevels, while leaving others to be rough edges, similar to how solid Lego figures look. I modeled the wings based off of a current lego wing piece. When it came to texturing I made sure that all colors were exactly Lego colors. I did the modeling, uv mapping, and lighting in Maya 2018 and used Substance Painter for texturing.

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Video Proposal for Production 1

The intention for my video is to show an alternative to idea of seeing things through someone else’s eyes. The whole video focuses on the face of a person wearing highly reflective glasses. The viewers will see the expressions of the person while also seeing what the person sees through the reflective lenses.

To do this the camera will be an arm’s length away from the person looking slightly up at their face. The person will then walk around acting as though the camera isn’t even there.

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