Point and Line Project 1

Photo Cropped RGBDereke Aptitude Digital Interpretation RGB
Miscellaneous Personal Items 5’x3′. Fall 2015                                         Adobe Photoshop. 11″x8.5″. Fall 2015

In the photograph of my name and chosen word I have incorporated various items that represent my hobbies in an effort to describe myself. I spend a lot of time using electronics so it seemed fitting to use those as a palette for my words. This photographed piece however represents an old part of myself.Since coming to Alfred I have found that I spend significantly less time using electronics and more time being active. Active to the point where I have yet to actually set up my gaming systems.

After I photographed my project I took some time to think about my photo and I made a connection that fits to most of the items that I decided to use. All of the items (besides the towel and my glasses) require software to work. All software uses coding. I used coding as both points and lines. The lines of code running across my piece work as the background. I then used various points within these strings of code to create a negative space for the word aptitude.

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