Journal Entry 2

I have neglected to fill out my time management sheet, and as such I have found myself falling behind. Last week I spent too much time enjoying myself and neglected to work on my assignments. In order to get back to a stable work-pace I will have to put off my free-time and focus entirely on my studies. I know that this will be more difficult than if I had decided to work on my projects the day that they were given, and I am fully aware that my grade will reflect this. Once I get back on track I will to my utmost to stay there; I cannot afford to fall behind again.

I decided to study artist Gustav Klimt and I have chosen to discuss his piece, The Kiss.

Kilmt, Gustav. “The Kiss.” Painting. 1907. (Accessed September 14, 2015).

The patterns of shapes on the clothing that the man and woman are wearing in the painting are spaced apart enough that one does not see them as one image. However these same patterns are also close enough in proximity and alignment that one can distinguish them as separate pieces of clothing. The couple are separated from the background by a textured hue of gray and gold. The difference in value between the couple and the background also helps to separate the two. The linearity of the patterns on the male’s clothing causes one’s eyes to travel from the bottom of the painting up to the couple’s faces.

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