Photo Abstraction

Abstract BirdsAdobe Photoshop. 28″x22″. Fall 2015

For my project I simplified various photos of birds and their backgrounds into organic and geometrical shapes. Using circles, triangles, and squares as my materials I reconstructed the birds and their surrounding environments to be more abstract. After I remade many of the images I placed them, and a couple of their original photos, onto my digital canvas. I made sure to place these images in such a manner that allows one’s eyes to travel on the negative (white) space from the bottom right of the piece diagonally up to the top left. To keep the viewer’s gaze from traveling up off of the piece, I placed the photos in the upper left in a way that causes one’s view to be redirected back to the center. From the center of my work one can then work their gaze in a spiral back out of the piece, slowly analyzing and taking in the various photos and shapes that I have embedded.

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