Foundations Journal 5

Charcoal Perspective Lines Drawing cropped

Charcoal, 2015

   The purpose of this drawing/exercise was to replicate a 9″x6″ charcoal image with three black and three 3 white stripes on it. I placed the original 9″x6″ drawing on the ground and used it as a reference for this piece.    To show that the referenced image is on the ground I use obtuse and acute angles in my drawing to emphasis that the reference image no longer has right angles due to its new perspective. To show the difference in tone due to its perspective I made the black stripes lighter towards the top of the image. I also incorporate the shadow that the reference image has on the ground beneath it by using a lighter shade of gray. I use gray again at the top of the image to indicate the slight bevel that the reference image has.

    Time Management

Visual Communication: 4 Hours in Class + 5 Hours Doing Homework

Foundations: 5 Hours in Class + 11 Hours Doing Homework

Computer Animation I: 4 Hours In Class +  2 Hours Doing Homework

Survey of Animation: 3 Hours in Class + 1 Hour Doing Homework

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