Linear Day

Book Back Book Front Open Pages Cropped

I designed the covers of my book to match my content, a day at a theme park. I use different line weights to show depth. The clouds in the back of my piece have smaller line weights than the clouds in the foreground, and pieces of some rides are smaller than others to also show depth. To carry the viewer’s eyes through the piece I made different images carry over from one panel into the next. The roller-coaster and fence carry over from panel one into panel two, the silhouettes and ferris wheel carry from panel two into three, and on and on until you reach the final panel where the sideways silhouette causes the viewer’s eyes to curve back into the piece once more. I also use repetition of shapes to keep the panels interesting and to encourage the viewer’s gaze to travel through my work. in panels one and two I use black circles on the fence posts and as wheels on the roller-coaster. In panels two and three I use similarly shaped black rectangles on the ferris wheel. My piece visually expresses being sad from remembering good or happy memories that one might long to return to.

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