“Constructive” Criticism

The concept for my animation changed. Originally I had wanted to film and overlay various short clips of water droplets to a calming instrumental piece. Filming each individual frame of falling drops of water would have been too difficult and tedious. So instead I decided to create an abstract animation depicting two internal feelings. To create this animation I used crayon colored paper cutouts of different shapes. The first feeling that I animated is what one might feel as having their ego broken down and damaged. To illustrate this I animated a red circle being trampled by three grey shapes (0:01-0:05). The second feeling that I animated is of being fixed and healed by friends (0:08-0:12). This I depicted by having similarly shaped circles surrounding the now damaged red circle and then closing in around it in a way to express support and comfort.

Oskar Fischinger’s Optical Poem inspired me to make shapes interact with one another. In one section of Optical Poem Fischinger animates several circles revolving around one another (5:05-5:28). The revolution of these many circles could be interpreted as a mass of circles dancing in duets. Even without the aid of music one can still interpret these movements as a dance. Although this may seem like a bit of a stretch, I did interpret this as a dance. From this I decided to take what I have seen a step further. Instead of visualizing a movement I wanted to instead visual a complicated feeling.

While watching Hans Richter’s silent Rhythmus 21 I felt a sense of loudness. I got this feeling of loud by the way various shapes would get larger and smaller at very fast speeds (2:07-2:15). This depiction of a sensory feeling inspired me to attempt to do the same with an emotional feeling. I made sure to show in the beginning that the red circle is overcome by the three grey shapes (0:01-0:05). To follow-up and show that the red circle is hurt I animate it stuttering up the plane (0:05-0:08). To show that the other circles are friendly and help the red circle I made them similar shapes and gave them their own individual colors. To have better shown that the circles were “friends” I could have had the red circle exit with the others in a sequence rather than having the circles leave the red one.

My strongest motion is the entrance of the “friendly” circles (0:08-0:10). I consider this my strongest part because it is animated smoothly and all of the circles are moving together at the same pace.

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