Visual Communication – Tree Allegory

Peter's Card Club WordPress

“Peter’s Card Club” is the result of an assigned allegory poster project which only required containing a tree. Despite being visually appeasing and playful with its card-like imagery, this piece is indeed an allegory.

The second (or hidden) meaning in my creation is a representation of yin and yang. This is achieved by recoloring the pants, hoodie, and gloves of one image of my colleague black and white, and then recoloring the clothing of a copy of him to be opposite of the first. I then placed these two images in a manner similar to that of an actual playing card so that the imagery would be similar even if the card were to be rotated a half-circle.  This, however, was not the only reason I placed my images as I did. Like the yin and yang, the two images cause a visual loop when looked at. The eyes travel from the black hoodie individual to the white hoodie individual, and then back again in an endless loop.

For the text at the bottom of this poster I designed the title (“Peter’s Card Club”) to be simplistic and pleasing. Instead of using the word “Club” I chose to use the card’s suite of a clover. This works (looks visually appeasing) because the C in card has a large curve similar in size and shape as the leaves on the clover.

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