Pollution Political Poster #1.5

Poster 1

This poster is my view of pollution created by the burning of fossil fuels shown through the art style of suprematism. Instead of burning harmfully pollutant fossil fuels for the sake of energy, I believe that new, less harmful methods should be explored. Manoj Bhargava, founder of 5-Hour Energy, has pledged ninety nine percent of his profits in an effort to find solutions to mankind’s many different problems. One of these ambitious projects is to use Graphene rope to transfer heat from the Earth’s core to the surface to be converted into energy.

I presented this version to my professor midway though the project to ask for advice. I seem to have trouble with thinking abstract, so my professor kindly showed me a few examples and explain to me that my piece is lacking depth and dimensionality. So I have scrapped this design and have since then created a new one.

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