Journal Entry 9

Sharp Shinned Hawk

The Sharp-shinned Hawk

In Puerto Rico the Sharpies have been declining in population mostly due to pesticides and an arial parasite called the Philornis Fly. The pesticides that Sharpies consume not only harm the birds’ health, but also softens the shells of the eggs that they reproduce. Secondly, the¬†Philornis fly lays eggs in Sharpie nests that hatch larva which consume the flesh and blood of baby birds. These two issues combined result in a mortality rate of over sixty percent of Sharpie nestlings. To resolve this issue the Sharpies have donned a neck device that purifies their food once consumed, and also gives off a high pitch noise that kills off intruding flies and their larva.

Abstract Drawing

Abstract Exercise

This is an abstract drawing of an elevator shaft on the second floor of the dining area on Alfred State Campus.

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