Survey of Animation – Dynamation

Upon return to his fire a hunter finds his supper being eaten by Bigfoot. The hunter attempts to shoot Bigfoot but is ultimately killed due to his gun being jammed. Bigfoot, after killing the hunter, accidentally shoots himself while examining the hunter’s gun.

I studied the works of Ray Harryhausen and did my best to animate as closely to his style as possible with the materials I had at hand.

The day before animating my professor helped me find a location and materials to create a dynamation rig. Unfortunately that room was locked when I came in the following day so I created a new rig in an unoccupied room using materials that I could find in my college’s studio.


-click for high-resolution photo-

Even though I was able to finally create a setup to animate on, I was unable to create a proper dynamation rig due to the lack of a transparent material to use for a rear projection. Instead I adjusted what materials I had to create the second best rig possible.

To prevent a projection from being overlaid onto my puppet, I covered a portion of the projector’s bulb. Since the light source at hand did not have barn doors, I created one with black paper and tape. Without having a proper camera, I had to resort to using a peer’s Macbook Pro to photograph each individual frame. Despite all of my efforts to get similar lighting, the Macbook Pro was unable to equalize the light of the projection to that of my puppet. This resulted in a drastic change in color, and a washed out projection. In order to ease this eyesore I removed color from my animation.

Washedout Background     Dynamic Photo

All in all, I did my best with what I had, and am proud of my final product.

The following is the video before being cropped and edited.

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