The Knight

Mask Final (Edit) Web

Bold, strong, and unyielding. The Knight, a piece presenting a dynamically lit helm, has a strong contrast of light to dark as it boldly stands alone against a black, abyssal background.Utilizing strong, crisp separations between the differing tones of gray and white, the helm shows many surfaces that make up its face. The top of the helm utilizes this same technique of separation to show the different plates that curve across and layer atop one another.
Original Photo:

Mask Photo

Progression of Charcoal:


Classroom Discussion

Coming into this major I believed that I had no physical artistic talents. I would frequently comment on how I have little to no drawing abilities. But now I have overcome this state of self loathing. My abilities have improved drastically and I am excited to take on the next stage in this major. I have come to love charcoal and graphite. I accept and invite the messiness that comes with creating art because I have found that unclean hands are the result of a wonderful piece. Although the field that I want to go into does not rely heavily or absolutely on drawing, I am glad that I have gone through the process to acquire this new skill. Hopefully, sometime soon, I will be able to project images that I see within my mind onto canvas and paper. They will no longer be trapped inside my head. They will be free to be shown as I envision them; without being reinterpreted and seen differently due to only being painted through words. The grand landscapes and scenes shall all one day come to life.

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