Sharp-Shinned Biomorphic Hawk

Biomorphic Bird

Accipiter Striatus – Sharp Shinned Hawk

The Sharp Shinned Hawk’s population in Puerto Rico has been ravished by the Philornis Fly. In order to continue its species the Philornis Fly lays eggs inside of birds nests. Once hatched the larva within the eggs feed off of the helpless baby birds generally killing them. These flies do not discriminate, and as a result the Sharpies’ young have a mortality rate of over sixty percent.

A solar-powered bug zapper would solve this problem. Working exactly like regular bug zappers the flies would be attracted to the bright light and fly straight to their deaths. This simple solution would save the Sharpie’s young from being eaten alive.

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  1. natalieillustrations says:

    Great drawing! Graphite pencil is definitely one of my favourite tools

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