Angelic Colorscape

Angelic Colorscape

Angelic Colorspace contains a number of different color aspects and elements within its rectangular grid matrix.The matrix itself is made up of a series of triangles with overlaying squares for added depth and complexity. Within this piece is also three different types of color schemes; Intensity, complementary, and analogous. One spot where intensity change is most noticeable in the upper-righthand corner. Here one can see a range of different purples that bleed into more magenta-like colors. An area containing complementary color change can be found in the upper-middle portion on the lefthand side. The complementary change between yellow and purple is strong yet pleasant. The analogous color scheme is the most abundant of the three. A cluster of these can be found in the top left and run in diagonals to the bottom right of the matrix. These stripes show varying analogous differences with the color groupings of red, purple, blue, green, and yellow.

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