Journal Entry 1

Plan for future journal entries:

I have several ideas for story driven games that I would like to create in the near future. Since my Figure in Motion class will be helping me to learn to draw the human form and the motions of it, I would like my journals to focus more on scenery and backgrounds of images. With these two devices under my belt, by the end of this semester I should hopefully be able to begin to draw these game ideas. My end goal is to be able to create a single image that sums up the overall action and emotion of a game that I intend to one day create.

To measure this I will begin by creating at least one completed background a week. A large portion of my time will be spent analyzing and studying features found in concept art backgrounds. I will look at how unimportant objects are drawn/represented compared to more prominent features; and I will make various sketches to test theories and ideas.

Once I am sure I have the basics (two to three completed drawings later) I will move on to create two to three completed backgrounds on a weekly basis.

After a couple weeks of this I will gear my process towards creating these backgrounds faster. At this phase I will begin producing 3-5 backgrounds a week. However, this time I will be giving myself only a certain amount of time to complete each. This amount of time will be gauged off of how much time it took me to create the previous backgrounds. Each week I will reduce the amount of time I give myself.

The semifinal phase will be devoted to creating various sketches of my final background. These may or may not be timed/speed sketches.

Then, finally, I will create the final background.



Week 1: 1 Background

Week 2: 1-2 Backgrounds

Week 3: 1-2 Backgrounds

Week 4: 2-3 Backgrounds

Week 5: 2-3 Backgrounds

Week 6: 3-5 Backgrounds (Timed)

Week 7: 3-5 Backgrounds (Timed)

Week 8: 3-5 Backgrounds (Timed)

Week 9: Final Background Sketches

Week 10: Final Background

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