Origami Robot – Pixels

Pixels Poster

In the distant future of holograms and flying vehicles a new product is taking the galactic market by storm; Pixels.

Named and designed as a humorous throwback to the days when one could only experience media from flat screened panels, these Pixels allow one to do far more than watch media. One single Pixel cube can better connect you to all aspects of your life.

A Pixel can:

  • Track your daily objectives and activities.
  • Link you to wireless networks on any globe.
  • Provide a solution to every solvable question.
  • Give you travel and safety advice.
  • Be your best friend

These are all things that a single Pixel is capable of once synced with your mind. One may think that these great feats are grand achievements, but this is far from the limit of the capabilities of many Pixels.


With multitudes of Pixels the possibilities are endless. Pixels also act as modules, capable of linking to one another to create structures. Once you train your mind to control more than one Pixel, you can begin to create anything imaginable. From small buildings to massive robots, the possibilities are truly endless. On top of these features, playing with multiple Pixels will actually strengthen and enhance your brain!*

*Test results linking Pixels with increased neurological abilities range and vary from user to user.



Setting aside all of the selling and backstory of my origami, the physical creation of these many cubes is interesting all on its own. I started with sorting out specific colors to use for my cubes.


I decided to choose two shades of each color of the rainbow (excluding purple because the packaging only had one, and pink because I already had so many colors chosen). After finding the most appropriate colors I divided the papers into smaller pieces. Since my cube design required 6 square pieces of paper each, I cut the main shades into 4ths (for large cubes) and the secondary shades into 8ths (for tiny cubes).

Once I had all of my papers cut I began my journey of folding paper.


Two seasons of anime and two all-nighters later I had 83 cubes all folded and hot-glued for added sturdiness. Though they may look basic, and their building technique simple, these boxes took an enormous amount of time to make. Assembling the robot however did not take nearly as long.


I created the robot to aesthetically look child-like and mostly symmetrical. I did not have any preconceived idea as to what I wanted my robot to look like. I just grabbed a cube, some hot glue, and had at it. Within an hour and some change I had a neat, colorful little bot made up of several Pixels (cubes).


The cubes proved to be the perfect module design for my idea. They are simple and applying an interesting and somewhat humorous lore to them was very easy. In the beginning of this project I focused on the origami first rather than a robot design. I wanted to take a different approach than that of my colleagues. After a copious number of labored hours later I had a robot.

In the end my origami was a success.



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