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My comic illustrates the start of the Greek Gods’ lineage. Unlike other culture’s creation stories, this story itself can actually be traced back to the Greek citizen who had written it; Hesiod. In a theogony of Hesiod’s work (translated by Hugh G. Evelyn-White) it is revealed that before everything existed there was only an empty void. From this void Chaos was created. Followed by Gaia, Tartarus, and Eros. These primordial gods would give birth to a lineage of other gods that would eventually lead to the creation of the “current” ruling gods. The Theogony of Hesiod can be read by following this link: The Theogony of Hesiod

I illustrated these primordial gods as well as I understood them. The most difficult to create however was Chaos. Chaos in Greek Mythology is ambiguous and without form. There is no Greek art portraying the being Chaos. I attempted to illustrate this in a way that I believe Greek art would have. I created a cosmic like spiral comprised of a three wavy lines similar to the art used to border Ancient Greek art.

There are a few comic elements that I have brought into my work. The transition between my first four panels are moment-to-moment, while all of the other panels are scene-to-scene. I used moment-to-moment for the beginning panels to show Chaos growing from nothing. Instead of starting with Chaos in full I used this four panel progression as a way to ease my readers into the comic. There is also an invisible line that connects each panel in its chronological order. Aside from being in a basic left to right to next line format, I also manipulated my characters to aid in reading. The first line of panels encourages one to read from left to right due to the size difference in Chaos’s growth. The eye travels to the start of the second line of panels where Gaia and Tartarus are facing right. Once the eye reaches to Eros one will notice his eyes looking to the start of the next row of panels. Gaia is intentionally facing left and is larger than her frame to encourage the reader to look back and re-see the panels once more. If there was another page below the current one then her gaze would cause one to look to the start of the next line of panels.

Figure and Motion has created an interest for drawing within myself. I do not like to draw physically, but through this project I have found that I enjoy illustrating digitally. Over the summer I intend to purchase a drawing tablet and will learn how to use it. I originally thought that I could skip drawing and dive into animating on the computer. But now that I have found an enjoyable way to draw I intend to pursue it.

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