3D Design and Color – Collective Post

The following is a recompilation of my work for the class 3D Design and Color.

Origami Robot


Soot the Puppet (Marionette)

Clay Dragon

Sculpt Web 2

Sculpt Web 1

Statement of Purpose

I intend to one day become a well known and sought out video game designer. I have always had a passion for video games. I play them for their stories, for their worlds, their characters, and design. I analyze the games that I play, and over the many years that I have been playing them I have had a growing want to one day make my own. My end goal is to create experiences that others will love. I want to create an impact on others through the medium of play just as strong as what I have experienced myself. To get there, however, there are many things that I will need to learn and experience.

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