Peer Critique on Tyler Sudyn’s “Sitting/Standing Animation”

“Sitting/Standing Animation” by Tyler Sudyn

In Sudyn’s animation Norman is standing up onto one leg and falling off to his right with a smug and somewhat humorous expression. The use of Norman’s arms topropel himself to a standing position seems believable, and the rate at which his upper body reacts falls is realistic; Both creating a sense of Earth-like gravity. The overall animation is fluid with only minor pacing issues. There are two notable issues in this animation. One is the stiffness that occurs in Norman’s leg joints. More noticeable in his knees, the lifting of his right leg appears to lock in place, and his standing back leg does the same while also bucking just as he begins to lean. The second flaw to point out is that the position of his fingers does not change throughout the animation. Aside from these the actions of Norman appears realistic.

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