Interactive Authoring – Gallery Write-Up

(From left to right) Leaf It To Quilters  by  the Floyd Quilt Guild Members, Glorious Glass Flowers  by  Richard Hammer, New World Porcupines  by  Paula Golden

“Simply Elemental” was an outdoors garden gallery hosted by the Art in the Garden committee of the Hahn Horticulture Garden at Virginia Tech in Virginia. This gallery was on display from August first to September thirtieth.

This gallery presented many different outdoor art pieces created by resident artists in the New River Valley area. Many of the pieces showed appeared to have some sort of connection between indoor objects transformed with outdoor objects to create interesting things commonly found outside.

These three pieces are very interesting in that they almost feel right in their existence outside. Even though they are irregular, playful, and even bizarre, all three pieces are interesting in that they belong where they are. Seeing this gallery opened my eyes to the idea of incorporating this type of “opposites that belong” theme into something in the future. Things like plants made of fabric that are consumed by animals made up of needles, thimbles, buttons, and even different fabrics themselves.


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