Advanced 3D Animation – Self Critique

This semester I have learned how to rig a model and have improved in my ability to animate a 3d rig. I have seen the bulk of my growth in this final group project. I have found that I feel very comfortable leading a group, and I have come to terms with the idea that I am not as bad with character modeling or UV mapping than I had thought I was. This summer I intend to improve more by creating the “memories” animation that I had pitched before. Even if it doesn’t turn out well enough for me to add to my portfolio, it would still make for some great practice. And even though this current final project isn’t coming out so well, I have learned so much from being a part of it that I am actually very interested in leading another if I get the chance. The biggest mistake that I have learned from is to not let people handle things that they know nothing about. And to never take their word for something. If someone cannot prove to me that they are capable of something, then they should never be put in charge of making whatever that thing is. These may all be somewhat random and weighing more heavily towards learning in the end of the semester rather than the beginning, but that’s just how things turned out.

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